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Can I buy prints of your artwork?

Yes, one of the most fulfilment I have is when I see my photograph printed! So thank you so much for being here and being interested in my work. I sell limited editions only. It is a great pleasure to be able to make them a piece of art for your place. The limited edition number depends on the photograph, to check artworks for sale please click here . If you wish to purchase an artwork please send an email to

What is a Limited Edition?

Limited Edition means that there will only ever be a pre-determined number of prints produced of each photograph. Once the edition sells out, there will never be another reprint of that photograph. I keep track of every print sold by having an inventory of every numbered artwork, so when you buy it I will save your details recording you as the owner, please do not worry! Your details are in safe hands, see more here 

Do you provide a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA)?

Yes, absolutely! Every print is signed/numbered and they come with a CoA signed and embossed to proof the authenticity of the artwork.

For now, the CoA is physical, so please make sure you keep it in a safe place in case you intend to resale the artwork in the future.

What sizes are the prints available? What is the size of the white border around it?

The photographs are printed by demand and can be printed quite big, if you appreciate and can afford a large print. I have not limited the sizes of the editions, as it sells I keep a record of the edition number and the printed size. Please flick me an email to discuss further a quote for the size you want. All prints come with a white border to allow space for the edition number, signature and mounting. The white border size will depend on the overall size of the print.

Which paper the photograph is printed? Do you print your own photographs?

I love the Cotton Smooth Rag 310gsm Museum grade paper to print my photographs. It is a velvet smooth surface as there is no texture with deep and vibrant colours and 3D effect, it truly looks like a painting! I outsource my printing service from a knowledgeable and highly qualified fine art printer. The printing side of the artwork is a science and a great investment itself! The artwork is always triple checked before delivered, my supplier double check it and the third check is made by myself when signing before it gets sent to you.


Can you frame the artwork?

Unfortunately, I do not offer framing services. I sell the print only. I recommend that all photographs be mounted by experienced framing professionals. Always handle your artwork with white cotton gloves or any clean cloth gloves to protect your artwork from staining and finger prints. I recommend making a frame with a UV glass protection. The finest materials are used to print the artwork, the paper used is museum quality which means is extremely resistant to fading, mould  and even water, they can last over 100 years. There is no optical brightener content, so the coating is acid free. However, please avoid displaying the artwork in direct sunlight, high humidity or high temperatures.

Shipping and Delivery

How much is shipping?
Shipping costs are determined by the size of the order and the destination. Please send an email to for a quote.

What about duties and taxes? 
I use New Zealand Couriers for delivery service. For international orders the delivery is made by a New Zealand Couriers partner which will depend on the country. International collectors are responsible for all international fees, duties, customs, taxes and charges imposed following the purchase of the artwork. In case the artwork comes back to the sender no refunds will be made and there will be additional shipping fees to have the artwork returned to you.

How can I track my order? 
Once the artwork has been shipped, you will receive in your email a tracking number which will allow you to keep an eye on the the location of the artwork until it gets on your front door step.

Is my artwork insured during transit?
Charlotte Albagnac Fine Art ensures full coverage for all shipments. We will replace or repair any damages that occur during transit from our production facility to the destination address listed on your order. We cannot insure shipments once they have been transported from the original delivery destination.

Is my artwork insured during transit?
Charlotte Albagnac Fine Art ensures full coverage for all shipments. Replacement or repair any damages will be made if it occurs during delivery transit. A request for repair or replacement will only be honored if submitted within 7 days of delivery.


Can I use the images found on your website?

All images contained within this website are the copyright of Charlotte Albagnac Fine Art. All images and content are the property of LIK Fine Art. Images may not be in any way reproduced, copied, printed or scanned. All images must not be used without expressed prior permission via written consent from Charlotte Albagnac Fine Art.

The use of any images or other materials included herein, in whole or in part, for any purpose other than the private purpose of viewing them online, including, but not limited to, copying, reproduction, publication (including on Internet Web Site including third party web pages by any means, including “hotlinking”, storage in a retrieval system (other than internet browser), manipulation (digital or otherwise), or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, is expressly prohibited without the written permission of Charlotte Albagnac Fine Art.


For media and broadcast requests, please send an email to for approvals prior to printing or filming. 

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